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November, 2020


“(…) Ela sabe onde chegar
E na bolsa leva o amor
Só o amor, só o amor, só o amor
Tem o brilho no olhar
Faz a vida encher de cor
Só o amor, só o amor, só o amor (…)”

Dear #BeYOUtiful,

Let’s welcome November with love in our hearts! Allow yourself to be embraced by the love that exists in this wise universe. With that love make yourself transcend while living a better, calming & lighter life. In that state of mind, give love to the tasks you have to perform during the day, give love to people around you and to all beings on earth.

For us at d’Oliveira fashion – & for me personally – spreading love is a statement for a Juicy Life! I mean, a fruitful and an optimist lifestyle while respecting myself & others. In the blog, this will be translated into the promotion of more sustainable and healthier actions & ways of living. Positive Fashion, green skincare moments & advocate about the importance of good quality water in health will be some of the topics during this month.

A range of floral hues reflective of gardens and a sustainable lifestyle will help us to awaken our awareness to fundamental questions of our days. With a flexible and optimistic vibe, this hues will promote the right amount of initiative and determination for us to achieve our tasks in the best mood. The colours were chosen based on the mood of the month & do not reflect the trends for Fall-Winter 2020. Basically, the difference between the colours that are trending and the ones I chose is their intensity. The colours for this month are lighter while the colours for FW20/21 are more intense/less amount of brightness.

I hope you enjoy the new mood of the month & the questions we will rise & discuss. Never forget, Keep #BeYOUtiful, Keep hydrating!

Luís de Oliveira
Founder of d’Oliveira fashion blog

PHOTOGRAPHER | João Marcelino

DFBlog | Português


Olá #BeYOUtiful!
Que Novembro seja bem vindo e que traga muito amor! Isso, Amor! O amor será este mês – e espero que sempre – o ponto de partida para tudo que façamos na nossa vida. Assim, o tema do mês passa por saber viver de forma leve, saborosa, equilibrada mesmo quando tudo à nossa volta parece cinza e sem cor. Com o Amor, a vida se torna mais suculenta e é isso mesmo que este mês pretendemos levar até a ti!
Através de cores, sabores, questões de sustentabilidade e saúde vamos te entregar um céu azul e amarelo de esperanças e prosperidade. Espero que gostes.
Love, Luís de Oliveira, d’Oliveira fashion doctor

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