Unboxing: This one was really VEGAN!

Have you ever thought about how veganism has smoothly entered our lives?! At first, veganism was related to the ideology of animal rights, then, it expanded to food, fashion, the way products were tested, skincare and so on. Now it is a “lifestyle movement.”

For the ones who appreciate the mainstream side of veganism, here is an unboxing made for you! PS: You can choose to apply EN captions in the video.

You can find the following brands in the unboxing video:

With COCOSOLIS you will rediscover your 5 senses. After a period when we have limited our senses through masks, less social interactions and hectic lifestyle it’s now time to awake and rediscover our senses in a new way. #PremiumNaturalBeautyBrand.


Designed for those who are fed up of blending in and going by the status quo, Colourful Persona is here to help you to express your true fashionable personae. Meet the new designs of this happy, luxurious and colourful Egyptian cotton socks.

— Persona

There is a powerful combination between concept & scientific proof. Meet 72K Natural DermatoCosmetics – the interception between Natural x Dermatology x Cosmetics. Packaged in a clear, puristic design, this Swiss cosmetic skincare line promotes a radiant and healthy skin. #ConceptMeetsScience

— 72k Natural DermatoCosmetics

Cover Illustration by Jungyeon Roh

Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

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