Hello, #BeYOUtiful! I have said in the letter of February that I have some surprises, right?! Here it is the 1st! A new topic about smart clothing. This time, I am introducing a beauty & relaxing product from Aroma Season that will change your sleep & more. Curious?! Have a look!

We know that good sleep is essential for a bright healthy skin & cognition. I just couldn’t imagine that it could be delivered through a USB Heated Eye Mask. Thanks @aromaseason for opening my eyes regarding this subject. 😍

In fact, scientific studies are proving the beneficial effects of these masks on sleep quality in adults with mild difficulty in falling asleep. Also, it has favourable effects on subjective well-being on awakening, possibly due to the sense of comfort experienced at bedtime as explained by experts. 🌟 Besides that, other studies suggest that repeated eyelid warming with a non-wet device improves tear film function in normal individuals and may have beneficial effects on both tear film and meibomian gland function in meibomian gland dysfunction patients.

When it comes to my experience…

I feel that I sleep better & I love the lavender scent present in a special pad which we can place into the eye mask cover. Besides that, I use it while meditating.

Sleep Mask

Aroma Season heated eye mask feels smooth at touch & smeels amazing to me. The warm therapy is so relaxing & can be done anytime! Tip: spray 2-3 drops of warm water on eyes side of the eye mask for moist heating if needed. Caution: Do not use on high setting while sleeping & keep in mind to discuss with your doctor about the benefits of this mask to your health condition.

Ready to experience this Natural Relaxation?

As a 5th medical doctor student, I study long hours during the day. Therefore, since I have the mask, I have been using it at the end of the classes to relax, refill my energy & ‘decompress’ my eyes to keep studying. Also, my new bedtime routine includes my BeYOUtiful mask and a Theta Wave Frequency to relax deeply the brain.

Well, it is the first time I share deep personal info. But I hope you like it & feel that we all are human. Love Yourself!

💕 I hope you loved this little info about this amazing & comfortable eye mask. If so, enjoy the 10% off or use my code during checkout: doliveirafashionblog.

Luís de Oliveira
d’Oliveira fashion doctor

PHOTOGRAPHER | João Marcelino


The content provided in this article is provided for information purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice and consultation, including professional medical advice and consultation; it is provided with the understanding that doliveirafashionblog.com (“d’Oliveira fashion blog”) is not engaged in the provision or rendering of medical advice or services. You understand and agree that d’Oliveira fashion blog shall not be liable for any claim, loss, or damage arising out of the use of, or reliance upon any content or information in the article.

Scientific Papers: doi: 10.1016/j.jtos.2015.04.005 | doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-42116-x | doi: 10.1155/2017/6419439

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