Colours & music are already therapeutic for themselves. Am I right? Now, imagine both at the same time! Meet the 5 amazing music videos that translate that powers into inspiring looks for this month & beyond.

I am never really over the power of colours, so put your records on & save every piece of what I state in each of my writings. Then, take all together and fly…fly…fly! Also, never forget that most of the time our biggest enemy is ourselves. Therefore, instead, Pop 911 as Lady Gaga said in her song (well, do it if you need), go ahead, close your eyes while shining your light…in the end, leave the light on just like Belinda Carlisle.

The vibe of the music videos is very light. As well is, the palette I created to experience this January 2021. The colour pallet is about experiencing freely what we are & what surrounds us with docility. As so, emerge these stimulating & light colours to reimagine our world & live most lightly.

Pantone Color Combos by Luís de Oliveira

With that sate of mind enjoy the songs & be inspired by the looks constructed with the colours of the month!

If you were inspired by this & created some amazing looks, please share with me ( & you can be features at d’Oliveira fashion blog & social platforms.

Luís de Oliveira
d’Oliveira fashion blog

Lady Gaga | Official Music Video of “911”
© 2020 Interscope Records

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Conheça as cores do mês com estes 5 incríveis videoclipes

Por si só, cores e música já são terapêuticas. Estou certo? Agora, imagina o poder de ambas em conjugação! Neste ambito surgiu a ideia de procurar os 5 melhores videoclipes que traduzem e ilustram estilos com as cores escolhidas para o mês de Janeiro de 2021. Espero que gostes e que te possas inspirar. Se assim for podes partilhar comigo através do e-mail – – os teus looks inspirados nestes videoclipes e eu depois partilharei com a nossa comunidade inteira. ❤ Luís de Oliveira

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