As so, two weeks ago – 17 September 2019 – happened a special fashion show that stated LOVE! Love for ourselves & our planet!

Fashion is much more than trends or expensive clothes! Fashion is about PEOPLE – the vision, the culture, the dreams and the hopes (…) of people who make or design clothes, and how it resonates (…) on the person who buys it…and even this explanation is just a little piece of a big puzzle which is made by our social relationships, our own brain/psychology and even our biology.
This fashion show which emerged by the triad Assembly of the Republic (Portugal) – Portuguese Victim Support Association (APAV) – Women in Red Movement! These were the official advocates and organizers of such relevant event which contributed to give a positive day experience to women who experienced domestic violence while empowering them with positive reinforcement for good mental health: self-care, self-love, love from others and being in a healthy social environment.
The participants of the fashion show were dressed by a new Portuguese brand in the area of the circular economy, whose mission is zero textile waste and upcycling while integrating and reinventing traditional techniques such as patchwork – The Thinker and The Sinner brand. The collection presents a vision that promotes the sustainability of the resources of our planet.
I am very grateful for the opportunity to live this experience & for sharing it to you!
Never forget to love yourself!

Luís de Oliveira

EVENT | A Violência Não está na Moda

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O que não está na Moda? A Violência!

Hello BeYOUtiful! Preparados(as) para assistir na integra a um desfile de moda exclusivo na Assembleia da República – Refeitório dos Monges do Palácio de São Bento??
Para além disso – que já é muito especial – este evento serviu para criar reforços positivos para o desenvolvimento da saúde mental desta mulheres que sofreram violência. Outra nota importante é que a coleção, que foi cedida para o desfile, apresenta uma visão que promove a sustentabilidade do nosso planeta!
Fantástico, Right?!
❤ Luís de Oliveira

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