Ready to get freely wet during the summer?!


Last May, the fresh breeze from Greece invaded the dry air of Lisbon in Portugal. Like that, the Greece motif ‘Meander’ was presented at El Corte Inglés during a party full hot charming rays of sunshine. Ready to get fresh?!

Far, far way is the time when going to the beach would mean suffocating under a big fireball and uncomfortably get wet like everyone got something to be punished for. Now, new silhouettes, shapes & ancient motifs are orchestrated to serve pleasantly every body type.

Panos Emporio, thinking about the ones that exercise fearlessly and exhibit exuberant glutes and thigh muscles, brought to life the Meander collection, freeing the movements of this body type, just as the pattern represents a free mind and innovation. Well, what else can we ask from clothes than that?!

To celebrate this creative collection full of personality and made to make you enjoy the summer in all ways possible, me and other people from the Portuguese fashion and television were present.

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Just like the Meander patterns….

…take life as the most treasured art!

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Shorts | Panos Emporio

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