Are you an online shopper?! You must see this! All from Berlin Fashion Week 


Every season, the world – I know I am not the only one!! – look for new colours, new hopes & enthusiastic fashion shows to fall in love with! When it comes to Berlin, the fashion hotspot was spread all over the – so called – emerging fashionable city, proposing the next #BeYOUtiful pieces for the Fall/Winter 2016/17! One of these #HOTSPOTS was SEEK | the ‘quo of modern’, progressive and urban men’s fashion trade show.

SEEK Autumn/Winter 2016/17 from SEEK Berlin on Vimeo.

I love fashion trade shows. They are fun, we are able to meet amazing people, doing worldwide connections & seek for #BeYOUtiful clothes, accessories & beyond, right?! 🙂 At SEEK, this type of experience went behind fashion & exposed us to a close-knit community-sharing of values, attitudes & where FEEL GOOD & DO GOOD were a state of spirit for a great look! Like that, between more than 600 brands & a marathon across 10,000 square metres, I picked for you the best ‘à la mode‘ brands – than can play an interesting role in the contemporary society – with online stores to be accessible to all of you.

Native YOUTH

The expression of contemporary culture, where individual identity is more important than the standard woman/man collections & with an unique online shopping experience through Instagram | Shop Instagram!



Soulland aims to push menswear forward in new directions & from its collection what catch my eye are definitely the outerwear & footwear! Well, the last, I love even more duet to the sensations promoted by the materials & colours of which they are made! Have a look & tell me what you think!!

Kjore Project

Fashion has enormous potential to promote cultural changes & nowadays, contemporary fashion is all about movement & feelings. Going away for the weekend, travelling to the next fashion week or even into your inner journey are as important as breathing! Then Kjore Project presents to us an elegant & happy way of travelling. For me, their leather bags along with they different colours are a fantastic road to a journey full of great experiences!

@Credits | Kjore Project


Since always, I am crazy about watches. I don’t know if it is related with my scientific side (Albert Einstein & its theory of relativity) or with the aesthetics by seeing a timepiece on a wrist. Sexy, right?! In the end, it has all to do with how it feels & with HyperGrand, I can tell, it’s all about personality & irreverence. With different straps you can feel the elegance in one day & in the next one feel the child that is inside of you. & as someone said: we must not lose the child inside us! You know, #FEELtheMoment #beHappy!!

@Credits | HyperGrand

Ucon Acrobatics

Who knows me, know that I like a style metamorphoses. I can go from sport to classics or even orchestrate classic with contemporary in a perfect melody. & at SEEK, I could find a brand that has exactly what I need to compose new personal styles to best match or improve my mood! Have a look into Ucon Acrobatics.


With these brands that I picked, you can see the creative & sharing atmosphere at SEEK Berlin and as importantly, THESE BRANDS HAVE ONLINE STORE! Like that you can look for the most meaningful gift to give on VALENTINES DAY to your boyfriend or girlfriend while experiencing shopping & real life at same time.

…Well, unless you like to pave a road full of amazing stores & at the same time drink the best cappuccino…just as I used to do in London!

As always,

#beYOUtiful #Not Regular

@Credited PRESS at  PREMIUM Internationa Fashion Trade Show | Berlin Fashion Week

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