“Being alive is something that turns to be very personal! It is even valid to use fashion as a tool to feel alive. How many times do we use that colour or THE design which awakes your inner power & your #BeYOUty?!”

With this statement – made by myself  – starts the new journey of your inner soul through appointments, faces, spirit states that will cross the days of 2016 & that you can state on your #DFBlogAgenda!

If last year, a prototype was developed & photographed in Porto – click HERE to see – this year, I went far way from my comfort zone & after being credited as press to the #BerlinFashionWeek, the editorial to show you my sweet agenda was done in colder lands – #Berlin, #Germany.

Like that starts 2016, bringing a January full of dreams that came true: A New Rubric, A New Agenda for YOU & An International Fashion Week on a city, where the contemporaneity collides with the classic!


During these 1st days in this cold, but dynamic &  stylish city, I had the opportunity to take the ground & look all around in a very winter manner – but always wearing happy colours, which actually contrasted both with the arquitecture of the city & with the many pastel & dark colours that seems to be trending in Berlin – & with #DFBlogAgenda to see the plans to make wonderful life-changing memories & also dream about some new things 🙂 Who knows?!

Museum für Kommunikation | Berlin

For me – as suspected since communication is part of my everyday work – seeing the Museum for Communication in Berlin generated a strong desire to get in & absorb all what it has to offer & as you could see above lots of fun were included! Besides this futuristic side of Berlin, there is also a past full of suffering & a rich history!

My fabulous followers, it was just a small piece of what I am experiencing in Berlin & much more is coming during the next days at #BerlinFashionWeek!

Well, never forget to walk your own #BeYOUtiful path & smile through it, because life is made of moments & those can be planed & registered on the most stylish & #BeYOUty way with #DFBlogAgenda!


PS: Ask for your #DFBlogAgenda by drooping an email to doliveirafashionblog@gmail.com & TAG yours – with #DFBlogAgenda – on your social media (facebook, instagram & others) & you might have surprises hehe 🙂

Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

Through doliveirafashionblog.com spreading 'The Art of BeYOUtiful'!

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