If this autumn/winter season – 15/16 – we have colours from red to the blue coral contrasting with the chic tapioca, while collecting references & graphics transmuted in sensations like the manifesto of diversity…

Photo Credits | VICRI

…for the next spring/summer season, Jorge Ferreira showed us during the Portugal Fashion in Porto that the previous diversity meets then the underwater magic implicit in colours like luminary green, foliage, opal blue, Turkish Sea & true navy with very berry & red eye-catching details when it comes to shoes or shirts!







What I love about VICRI is that we can find a colour for any occasion!

& you know how colours can make a difference on your day! They imply emotions, intentions & even help you to achieve a state of mind! Do you want happiness? Well, Yellow is for you! Do you want a relaxing day? Then, nothing better than an opal blue! & So, on ♣

In the case of an occasion to shine your classy style while charming, this collection is also for you…HAVE A LOOK!

Photo Credits |
Photo Credits |
Photo Credits |
Photo Credits |


During this show, many times you could hear the audience in ecstasy not just by the amazing styles, but also regarding the fantastic models & international – from my amazing London to Brasil – public figures that were rolling high on the stage! So, WELL DONE JORGE FERREIRA.

Photo | Jorge Ferreira Instagram
Photo | Jorge Ferreira Instagram

To finish, I just want to congratulate Jorge Ferreira & his team for this amazing work!









A closet full is not a sign of an empty library, but a sign of a mind in a high state that know how to use pieces & colours to transcend & achieve the divine.
You, know…#BeYOUtiful #NotRegular

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