This style makes your spring summer 15 look golden while casual! Find all out about how I did styled it & all the tips to rock on summer, whether it is a party or an event!

Welcome to #DFBlogStyle rubric & meet the suit that will change your SS15! #Tip1

Suit from SS15 collection of Zara
Suit from SS15 collection of Zara

The summer just started & with it parties, weddings, (fashion) events & even new dates…gain life again. What got life as well were the unbreathable cloths – yes, mainly us man, we cannot find the right suit for that summer events without being suffocated – then, my #Tip 1 is the versatile golden suit with a fab polo!

As you know, last month happened the Concept Fashion Design in our dazzling Lisbon & I was there to celebrate the best Fashion of Portugal! In a show where the ‘traditional’ was not the biggest word & where the ‘hot’ word could be used in many senses, I styled myself in accordance – as always – to my convictions! And you know, the red detail couldn’t be missing, could it??!

My style for Concept Fashion Design (click on the image to read)
My style for Concept Fashion Design
(click on the image to read)

My style included my Khaki-Suit with a fabulous blue – & black details – Polo! Of course, with the hit ‘hotting’ my nerves nothing better than leave the blazer at home & just play well with the Polo! On that matter, it is very important choose the best khaki-suit colour, since the wrong one can turn off all of you & it would not be funny since that suit will – at least – get you through the next few months of this season whatever the event is…and you know…with the right one…you can use a T-Shirt, a Sweatshirt, a Shirt & a Tie, or ‘just’ a Polo! Then, take my advice:

  • Try the suit on!
  • Compare the colour to your skin!!!! ♦
  • If your skin look ruddy or kinda yellow-green, it is the wrong one for you ⊗
  • The right one will make you look healthy and handsome ♥


With a khaki-suit you can handle any colour – even khaki – with it since it is neutral! However, as you can see on my pictures, there are some tips that you must take in order to be a gentleman even when you have a strong expression when it comes to dressing:

  1. If the polo shirt cover more than half of your back pockets, it is to long! For any reasons & much more…watch your ass!
  2. The Polo Vs must be buttoned. Depending on the style, just leaving the first button unbuttoned.
  3. Another thing, on a Polo, I LOVE ribbons on the sleeves! On my style, you can see black ribbons matching the collar & also combining to the black bracelets from nunKi®.  Mind the sleeves my fabulous people!!
  4. If you go for a vintage style, then pleaseeeee…make sure your pants compliments the polo & NO leather belts.
  5. Never wear this style with an undershirt.
  6. Hoooo & never forget the sunglasses – you never know when you will need it! 😉

Besides wearing a classic wheat pants, I LOVE always to innovate! I made that by wearing a red bracelet at the middle of the arm & the blue slip-on shoes, being all but ‘traditional’ 😉


To finish, I just want to leave you with the last, but not the least tip!!!! Man are wanted (very) well dressed, polite & also humorous! Then, just take your classic pants & your Polo, match your shoes with them, wear you SMILE 😀 & NEVER FORGET:

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5 replies on “The Golden Style that Will Get You Right on SS15

  1. The pictures are really nice ! I like the polo+chino trousers combo, that’s the best for a casual chic look I think. Whether it’s for men or women, I love rolling up the edge of a trousers to see the ankles.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Many thanks Emmanuelle!! I totally agree with you! Even woman could be perfectly fabulous & chic that way! It is kind of genderless, right? 🙂
      I love it too!!! Today I will be shooting a style with that detail!! hehe

      Liked by 1 person

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