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d’Oliveira fashion
August, 2020


(…) “When, when the fire’s at my feet again | And the vultures all start circling | They’re whispering, you’re out of time | But still, I rise | This is no mistake, no accident | When you think the final nail is in, think again | Don’t be surprised, I will still rise” (…)

Dear #BeYOUtiful,

We are in the year 2020 and all should be glowing. However, the reality we have been facing is not what we expected to be. There is an infinite cycle composed of lockdowns and openings, there are new ways for human interaction & even new fashion accessories that covers half of our face. Among all of these events, there are Me, YOU – US! I mean, there is a human being that has been fighting to keep their mental health status while watching the exacerbation of social inequality. Therefore, for this new month, the theme is INNER STRENGTH.

During August, you will hear about internal strength, about the fighter in you and how to take care of yourself during the hottest month of the year (supposedly). Also, every fighter has a weapon, & for the fashion lovers that is called clothes. Besides that, at d’Oliveira fashion, the colour is also a superpower. Between other things, it allows you to awake your brighter and extraordinary power – self-love.

The Palette proposed to August demands action on equality & sustainability while displaying a youthful spirit through sunny & cheerful colours helping us to recharge as we chart our path forward.

Also, to relax the mind from the pandemic, why not go deep into the fashion news? Doing that, you will develop the best fashion strategies for rational purchases. For example: did you know that Dior could be catching up with long-time rival Chanel? Also, TikTok has become the number 1 platform for beauty advice among the Gen-Z’s. Did you know? Well, we have a lot to discover, not only about others but ourselves! Ready for this adventure?!

 Luís de Oliveira
Founder & Chief Creative Officer

PHOTOGRAPHER | João Marcelino

DFBlog | Português

Força Interna


Estamos no ano 2020 e desde os primórdios que o visualizávamos como um futuro onde a platina e os clean looks espaciais seriam o nosso dia-a-dia. Em vez disso, esta a vivência real de 2020 tem sido um ciclo de quarentenas/isolamentos e reaberturas que trouxeram novas condições para a relação humana e desafios à nossa saúde mental. Assim, neste agosto, vamos falar sobre Força Interna, sobre o guerreiro que existe em nós e como nos cuidar durante o mês mais escaldante do ano (supostamente). Além disso, como guerreiros da moda queremos saber as notícias desse nosso mundo que tanto adoramos, por forma a planearmos as nossas melhores estratégias e compras racionais. Por exemplo, sabias que a Dior está a ter melhores vendas que a Chanel e que o TikTok se tornou a plataforma número 1 para conselhos de beleza entre a geração Z?! Pois é! Temos todos muito a descobrir, não só em respeito ao outro, mas a nós próprios! Preparados para esta aventura?!
Luís de Oliveira

Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

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