Merry Christmas dear #BeYOUtiful.
Today is 25th December of 2020! I am here – at my home at Douro Valley – with my family! It has never felt so special as this year. Now, the value of a shared moment of true love is immeasurable.

This morning, while gathering together with my family to open the Christmas presents, I started to wonder about my written words of last year Christmas.

Last Christmas, I wrote about the ultimate colour of Christmas. I never thought that – in fact – the year that was about to start would bring us the need of those colours – mellow brown, classic blue and pearl grey. I know that the power of colours might depend on many key-factors such as our physiology, beliefs, taste & culture. But, in reality, our behaviour and day are influenced by what surrounds us & how we perceive. We are beings of interaction, even when we are not interacting consciously. Clothes/Fashion are part of that equation of interactions & that is not news. What might be the novelty is that now most of us perceive clothes with a much higher level of consciousness. As a result, bellow, you can find your Christmas clothing inspiration, especially for you who want a change in the process while experiencing Christmas with love, compassion & gratitude.

Merry Christmas , Luís de Oliveira
d’Oliveira fashion doctor

PHOTOGRAPHER | João Marcelino

Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

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2 replies on “Clothing to Experience Christmas

    1. Hello dear Filipa ❤
      I sure had a marvellous Christmas in Douro! I was missing it a lot as well 🙂 Besides the cooler weather, our hearts are fulfilled here. Many thanks! I am so happy you liked it! Mine too! To be honest, I could publish all of Gucci looks here, but variety is everything…right?!
      Much Love, Luís

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