Today, it is 5th June & we celebrate the #WorldEnvironmentDay. Then, I am sharing with you some nurturing moments to enhance your inner environment while celebrating the mother of us all – mother nature.

I find myself in nature, it heals me & I believe that when we find peace within ourselves, we find peace with others. As so, there is no better opportunity to share with you some tips & moments where you can find proper inner environment peace which will expand and contribute to better environment not just with others, but also ensuring the survival of life, diversity and sustainability.

When possible, the first action that I do every morning is getting close to nature & be grateful for another day and opportunity. Then, I like to have calming waves inside my home through the Fragrance Sticks from wellbeing brand Rituals. Also, when appropriate, I take a moment for a relaxing bath and then, do my routine body skincare with the silky Dry Oil from wellbeing brand Rituals’ The Ritual of Jing collection, inspired by the ancient Chinese concept of ‘Jing’ – an appreciation of calmness, stillness and serenity.

❤ Luís de Oliveira
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Do ambiente interno à diversidade e sustentabilidade

Hoje, dia 5 de junho, celebramos o Dia Mundial do Ambiente. Assim, eu estou a partilhar com vocês alguns momentos estimulantes para melhorar o seu ambiente interior e celebrar a mãe de todos nós – a mãe natureza.

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