Hello, #BeYOUtiful! Positive psychology or not, it is known that the belief in something bigger than us has a positive impact on our health – scientific proven – then, this rubric came last month to stay while being another field that I want to explore to expand the relation between fashion & medicine. Aside from that, I have a surprise for my Brazilian and Portuguese followers. Ready to find out?

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In the ancient Roman calendar, September is the month dedicated to Pomona, a deity of gardens, harvest, and fruit. Plus that, September brings a more human, caring and understanding vibes while promoting the artistic sense & freeing us from prejudices. Then, I immediately remembered of a TV character played by the inspiring Brazilian actress Paolla Oliveira. The character is the charismatic Vivi Guedes from the soap opera “A Dona do Pedaço“. However, unfortunately, Vivi Guedes hasn’t yet worn all the colours needed for this article, then some looks where taken from the proper actress Paolla Oliveira. Besides that, an Oliveira is always welcome to d’Oliveira fashion blog, right?!
Well, find all out!

Aries | Blue

Keywords for your success: inner harmony, quality of life, physical exercise.

Taurus | Green

Keywords for your success: physical and mental health, relaxation, professionally oriented diet.

Gemini | White


Keywords for your success: relaxation, health care, objectivity.

Cancer | Light Blue


Keywords for your success: good energy, willpower, disposition.

Leo | Orange


Keywords for your success: flexibility, lightness, pay attention to your diet.

Virgo | Golden


Keywords for your success: vitality, dynamism, disposition.

Libra | Yellow


Keywords for your success: health care, recognition, studies.

Scorpio | Red


Keywords for your success: naturalness, attention to physical health, balanced communication.

Sagittarius | Blue Green


Keywords for your success: health care, efficiency, responsibility.

Capricorn | Moss green


Keywords for your success: limits, vitality, lightness.

Aquarius |  Lilac 


Keywords for your success: balance, lightness, strategic sense.

Pisces | Violet


Keywords for your success: revival, quality of life, new strategies.

Luís de Oliveira


Marcia Fernandes

DFBlog | Português

Olá, #BeYOUtiful! Psicologia positiva ou não, sabe-se que a crença em algo maior do que nós tem um impacto positivo na nossa saúde – provado cientificamente – então esta rubrica estreou no mês passado veio para permanecer enquanto um novo campo que quero explorar para expandir a relação entre Moda & Medicina. Além disso, tenho uma surpresa para meus seguidores brasileiros e portugueses. Prontos para descobrir? Não se esqueçam de selecionar a língua Portuguesa na barra inferiror.
Para quem quer algo mais rápido, aqui fica o resumo das cores por signo para o mês de Setembro:
Carneiro/Aries: azul | Touro: verde | Gémeos: branco | Caranguejo/Cancer: azul claro | Leão: laranja | Virgem: dourado | Balança/Libra: amarelo | Escorpião: vermelho | Sagitário: verde água | Capricórnio: verde musgo | Aquário: lilás | Peixes: roxo.
❤ Luís de Oliveira
PS: don’t forget to shine in this new month

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