With human evolution and as the basic needs are met, we start to evolve & expand our inner perceptions for what surrounds us directly while emerging – naturally – new challenges when it comes to self-actualisation. Like that, fashion or fashion-related products become an expression of our creativity & enable a feeling of achievement. Ready to find the best bags to express personal creativity this summer?

If you are a bag lover, you know that I am right! Bags are part of our human history. It has been playing an important role in the woman social life & nowadays even in men personal expression. Besides these questions, two common things that unite all of us humans are the need for belonging & challenging, which make us expand our notion of self-representation and in the end, unfolding our self-actualisation. Like that, I will show to you the best versatile satchel bags & leather totes from ❤ Baginning ❤ website that allow you to release that need & expand your full potential of creativity.

You can see more satchel bags at https://baginning.com/c/satchel-bag/ 🙂

To see more leather tote bags go to https://baginning.com/c/leather-tote/

Just for you to know, Baginning is a company that was established in 2015 & started the online sale in 2017. They are proud of their high skills in craftsmanship and excellence in detailing while combining it with fashion culture.

A way to Be Ourselves!

Luís de Oliveira
d’Oliveira fashion blog


PHOTOGRAPHER | Dickson Moses
STYLIST| Natia Amurvelashvili
MAKE UP | Mar Vidal
HAIR | Mariola Reig
MODEL | Laidy Vannessa || Monroe Models

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A evolução humana e a satisfação das nossas necessidades básicas fazem com que possamos expandir a nossa percepção para além do corpo. Neste processo evolutivo, o nosso self-actualization Ser assume – naturamente – o poder, permitindo-nos chegar ao topo da hierarquia das necessidades – segundo o Psicólogo Abrahm Maslow – permitindo experienciar as emoções e a criatividade no seu máximo. Assim, produtos relacionados com a moda ou a própria moda tornam-se uma expressão da nossa criatividade e possibilitam um sentimento de realização. Desta forma, nesta publicação proponho as malas mais versáteis que permitem expressar a criatividade pessoal neste verão! Curiosos?! Fiquem com as malas da loja online BAGINNING!
Luís de Oliveira

Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

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