Not only your clothes define a thing or two regarding what society perceives from you, but your hairstyle can reveal big surprises regarding their understanding of your fashionable personae. So, what defines you more…clothes, hair or a hybrid of these two?

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A man with a revolutionary hairstyle, which is fading in the sides, with fringe, complemented by suit in the shades of pearl & a white shirt with the Snoopy cartoon. Plus wearing a ecological sneakers in the same tones.

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s and bottles of bubbles (…) Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines (…) You like my hair?” Thanks & I wanted to talk bout it! 😉
Fade, Fringe & Attitude is the new motto of my new hairstyle made by the fabulous Flavio Passos Rhein, who is the Technical Director & Stylist Director of Toni & Guy Portugal. I couldn’t feel more confident, attractive & fashionista with this haircut. People at Instagram, at my neurology training, & even, at the gym are giving 5 stars to it – they say it makes me younger, sexy & a different person. Besides that, I ❤ my new haircut! It allows me to play with cultural & social barriers made up by people perceptions.

When it comes to the last point, I wonder, does our hairstyle speak louder than our clothes?

Well, it is not the 1st time that I wear this look – speaking about these clothes – & I must let you know that it didn’t cause the same impact as it did while orchestrated with my new hairstyle. This time, people were much more impressed by the ensemble of it all. They were mostly talking about how handsome or charming I was, instead of using the words clothes and hair in different sentences. Do you know what I mean?! It seemed like the bases of DNA came together & build up a beautiful molecule of DNA.

As the DNA gives to humans a diversity of forms and thoughts, in fashion, the hybrid – between different styles stated in hair & clothes – was the key to raise a successful fashionable personae!

If you look closer, many questions might arise!

My clothes tell a story of a very classy man enjoying the summer feelings: the soft pearl tones orchestrated with a t-shirt, where was drawn the snoopy cartoon with a red eye-catching background, plus the ecological sneakers that give a great aesthetic to the look. In another hand, this new hairstyle speaks about a different origin or culture.

It speaks about street style, Paris & black culture.

Well, it is time to say – “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it (yeah)”. Plus, with that hairstyle, I can mixture the culture it brings to other moods stated in clothes to master a creative new fashionable personae full of personality! Don’t you agree?!
Like that, it is an opportunity to explore new fashion forms & push forward the fashion diversity. However, even the fashion diversity might be closed in itself, while many brands & people are being accused of culture appropriation. So, using this hairstyle can be considered also culture appropriation? Is all of these fashion diversity causes ultimately limiting our creativity as human beings? Shouldn’t respect & freedom prevail for all of us human beings? This might just be one side of the story, but, it is worthy thinking about it.

In the end, the most important thing is to embrace ourselves & be free to express our emotions & feelings, while celebrate diversity.

In that way, I believe our hairstyle – as for clothing – can be neutral but it can also be disruptive & full of personality. In the last case, it will probably contribute as much as our clothing to our fashion style, & ultimately, to the image that society perceives from us!⁣

Have a #BeYOUtiful week & keep sharing your most evolving being, even in the most unworthy situations!

❤ Luís de Oliveira
d’Oliveira fashion blog

DFBlog | Português

ƒα∂є, ƒяιηgє & αтιтυ∂є – por @flavio_passos_rhein
⁣Olá, BeYOUtiful 😀 Eu não poderia descrever melhor o meu novo corte de cabelo do que o meu cabeleireiro @flavio_passos_rhein o fez! ⁣
⁣🚥 Na sociedade, mesmo que gostemos ou não, a nossa imagem fala por nós mesmos e isso se traduz não apenas pelo que vestimos, mas também pelo nosso estilo de cabelo! ⁣
⁣💁‍♂️💇‍♂️ O nosso penteado – assim como a roupa – pode ser neutro, mas também pode ser disruptivo e cheio de personalidade! Neste último caso, provavelmente contribuirá ao mesmo nível que o nosso estilo de roupa para a nossa fashionable persoane, e ultimamente para a perceção da sociedade em relação a cada indivíduo.
Obrigado, @flavio_passos_rhein por desenvolver um trabalho tão profundo e artístico com meu cabelo! ⁣
❤ Luís de Oliveira #TheFashionDoctorPT

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    1. Hello my dear friend ❤ Many thanks! People are complementing a lot my new hair cute! I am very happy with it too! I think it even give me more energy hehe
      Very well, I am looking to see you hair cut too ❤

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