The over-expression of ‘ME’ through Berlin Fashion Week #AW16. Ready to find out?

Style. Personality. ME!

Same FACES. Different HEARTS. How the world recognise YOU? The society evolves & so is Fashion.

In our new world, the catwalks are no longer the most important shows of Fashion Weeks & during Berlin Fashion Week #AW16 it was a statement! There, outside fashion shows – from visitors to editors – our eyes could be filled by amazing looks that transpire PERSONALITY from top to bottom, or should I say from hairstyle to shoes?!

I do not know if it was a ‘lonely feeling’ or not, but living in a ‘world‘ where everyone were different & expressing their really ‘ME‘ while developing it through the many fashion days, seemed like an exciting air to breath. In fact, it felt that ‘The Art of BeYOUtiful’ which D’Oliveira Fashion Blog states was on the right place & flourishing. I could see the craze fashion fever of the unisex trend through big over-expressive coats used by man & the minimalist clean lined style & short – but sexy – hairstyle by woman. Also, the fad fashion could be seen on the 80s’ looks composed with futurist materials, which might showed the future of fashion & the development of The ‘ME‘.

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As Anna Wintour said:

‘FASHION should be recognised when it touch people…& when it moves people! What can you more ask from ART?!’

….well, it is just left to say:

#BeYOUtiful #NotRegular

Withfrom D’Oliveira Fashion Blog

@Credited Press at PREMIUM Berlin | Berlin Fashion Week AW16 | SADAK #AW16 Fashion Show | #BFW

Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

Through spreading 'The Art of BeYOUtiful'!

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