Welcome to another #DFBlogHYH rubric! Men’s Fashion are taking New York City this week, Have You Heard?

DFBlogNYFWMIf woman took from us – MEN – the heels in the past, at the present, I believe that we are taking the Fashion World from them. Well, NYC is already ours, at least for this week! Let’s find all about it?!

Tyranny of the present, for some, expressive language of own rights, for others, Fashion has been playing an important role on society since always. If on older times Fashion was the synonymy of Le leggi suntuarie– where the way people dress was legislated & representative of social class or professions  – the events that followed the XIV century have been changing the concept of Fashion & even the concept of humanity.

Did you know that even fashion had to be democratized?! It happened in France in 1793 during the French Revolution!

“Liberty leading the People” by Eugène Delacroix

The Convention in France, not just changed the History of Europe forever, but the History of Fashion as well! Fashion crossed the bridge from the group & started to be personal!

Since then, many interventionists have played on the world of fashion – A la belle jardinière, Les Gros, Charles-Frédérick Worth – but the success of fashion was on feminine. They promoted the ethos of change, the cult for the new & dazzling dressy! The command of fashion was definitely on Woman hands after the World War I.

If it took the World War I to Woman lead Fashion, it took at least 300 years for us men feel comfortable on it! Well, NOW we – men – are more than comfortable! We do read fashion & lifestyle magazines, blogs & YESSSS we do SHOPPING! Ohhhh … we do go to Fashion Shows & we are increasingly  translating the means of fashion trends to our own personality!!

The result is a market much better in terms of innovation, creation excitement, change in menswear & a Historic day for Men’s Fashion – the recognition by New York Fashion Week to the importance of Man in this business!

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK: MEN’S  is happening until 16th July, see all the shows programmed bellow!

Credits | The Council of Fashion Designers of America
Credits | The Council of Fashion Designers of America

It has been just two days since the opening of the event, but there are already some street style worth sharing…showing that men are taking risk & dressing fashionable!

10387631_10153430854394076_7054451740063594495_n 11041094_10153430854469076_5928775758680334156_n 11695770_10153430927634076_5704277707066862042_n 11698548_10153430932569076_2664096343262419167_n 11742709_10153430927869076_2356741774925275013_n

street street1

Fashion shows as Robert Geller, Timo Weiland, Public School &  much more just happened! Know all on my Pinterest account!

As you can see, we are in an incredibly exciting time in Men’s Fashion, where our next style is just around of the conner!

Then, #BeYOUtiful & express your-true-self fearless!!

With ❤ from #DOliveiraFashionBlog! 

Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

Through spreading 'The Art of BeYOUtiful'!

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  1. Antes de mais… muitos parabéns pelo blog! Adoro tudo, começando nas cores e design, passando pelo cuidado que claramente tens a elaborar os teus posts! Sempre gostei muito de ver as tendências quer para homem quer para mulher, e uma vez que tenho uma secção de menswear no meu blog e por vezes falta-me inspiração, o teu blog será sem dúvida uma fonte dessa mesma inspiração!
    Este post está mesmo muito bom, nao fazia ideia dos antecedentes históricos :))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Muito obrigado Filipa 🙂 🙂 Fico super contente por ler as tuas palavras e por de alguma forma te inspirar ❤ É um prazer e isso é uma das coisas que mais me fascina no mundo do fashion blog…a tal coisa do #BeYOUtiful hehe 🙂
      Keep in touch & let shine your true self ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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