d’Oliveira fashion blog is The Art of BeYOUtiful, where FASHION is a tool to make you feel great about your-true-self!

Through a POSITIVE & COLOURFUL mind, this is a space where experiencing fashion is a UNIQUE & an EXCLUSIVE inspiring moment, not just to look good, but FEEL & BE fabulous while shining YOUR TRUE LIGHT!

Luís de Oliveira | Fashion Blogger

My name is Luís de Oliveira & I am the face behind this page – nice to meet you #BeYOUtiful followers 😉

Let’s know a bit more about me & how D’Oliveira Fashion Blog has born?!

I am graduate & post-graduate in Pharmacy and at the moment a Medical Doctor student. Also, I am the former Fashion Features Editor at The Pink Prince, a British fashion magazine.

I would say that my ultimate expression is FASHION while making every and each personality shine! In order to bring the best to you, I always invest in my status as a blogger and in fashion by doing independent courses like social media management and also doing the course of Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies through Università Bocconi (e.g.).

My 1st contact with this world was in 2010 while doing my research thesis in London (UK), where I was exposed to the fashion shows, haute couture houses & modelling, and so, I felt in Love with fashion – but who does not feel in love for fashion in London?!

After being back in Portugal & many moments where life happens, the need to seek for my-true-self & passion made me start my own project in fashion, as a result D’Oliveira Fashion Blog was born. Now, I hope you enjoy as much as I do & somehow help you to fight for your-true-dreams with the best STYLE!

To finish, NEVER FORGET:

#BeYOUtiful #BeWild #BeBold #BeFree!

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  1. The CottonClub and Luis, great fellow bloggers :p !

    Glad to see you are happy with doing what you like about fashion 🙂 We always should be doing what makes us smile 😉

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Many thanks ❤ Here you can find always a #beYOUtiful positive thing to read & get inspired to be the best you can be & feel!
      I like yours too, sharing your experiences is fantastic way to communicate with a community!

      Liked by 1 person

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