In the age of where everyone is developing the concept of fashionable personae – based on the influence of the many marketing strategies & mixed information of copy after copy – here, I fight for a fashion that describes your own personality, or even, the fashion that helps to improve the unique way you live your day & life. Following that thought, meet the work of the Portuguese Fashion Designer Susana Bettencourt and our very first fashion talk developed by d’Oliveira fashion during #PortugalFashionWeek. Ready to find an unique vision of positive fashion? Love, Luís de Oliveira.


In a joyful way full of streetwise couture & pop art orchestrate with a tailleur structure, another day of #PortugalFashionWeekSS19 just ended! Congratulations to this fantastic work #MiguelVieira!

love, d’Oliveira fashion blog | Luís de Oliveira & #DFBlogTeam

@Official Press at Portugal Fashion SS19


Portugal Fashion SS19

Hey #BeYOUtiful ♥ From today to Saturday – 21 October – we are having the fantastic Portugal Fashion Week SS19 season! Are you ready to know all the feelings about?!  KEE IN TOUCH WITH ME HERE & AT MY INSTAGRAM! love, d’Oliveira fashion blog | Luís de Oliveira Event | #PortugalFashionWeekSS19 @Official Press #DFBlog | Português…

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