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Hey #BeYOUtiful, now that you are in the right mood, let’s talk!
You know, today we celebrate the Thanksgiving – in spite of being or not in America, Canada or in the Caribbean islands – & tomorrow, we have the so-called Black Friday. How’ about understand the meaning of all of these days while knowing how to contour its bad connotations?

“Thank you India, thank you terror, thank you disillusionment (…)” because of it we met acceptance, peace & spiritual growth. Yes, I am thankful for every disillusionment that brought me to the place where I am today or to the person that I became or that I am becoming. This is my truth & this is what Thanksgiving is about – expressing gratitude to God, Universe or what you believe in! Today, I am even more grateful for having a new brand that started to support my blogging work & allowed me to talk with you about this subject – I am talking about DRESSILY!

Well, let’s go to the facts?!

As stated in the History Channel, Thanksgiving is a holiday feast which dates back to November 1621, when the newly arrived Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians gathered at Plymouth for an autumn harvest celebration, an event regarded as America’s “first Thanksgiving.” Late in the 19th century, President Lincoln makes the Thanksgiving holiday official. The day after Thanksgiving wasn’t called Black Friday then. It marks the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season.

But why is it now called Black Friday?

Because the volume of shoppers created traffic accidents and sometimes even violence. Well, time to say…”Thank you consequence, thank you thank you silence (…)”. Right?!
In some way, we still make the day after Thanksgiving a dark day. But, this doesn’t have to be like that (see my suggestions from last year here).

I believe that we can make the Black Friday an extension of what it really should mean the beginning of the Christmas season – and that means family, love, peace, smiles. Why not spend this Friday expressing love for ourselves & for the world?! For sure, that starts with exploring the ability to manage your inner feelings and fears. Like that, you will be able to give love to the other and increase the chances of a “happy ending” for who is next to you.

Also, we cannot separate clothing from the self and identity because what we wear is an outward display of our self, our identity, our culture and in the end an expression as human beings. Therefore, at Dresslily you can find the best Christmas clothing and low prices. Visit by clicking here, but don’t forget – buy what you love & just what you need

If you want to make your wish list for Christmas & see the most comfy and lovely presents to offer, you can see the Dresslily’s Black Friday sale!

PS: Don’t forget to express love, it is free!

Talking about free love, I have to let you know that we have Free Shipping for orders over $45.00!

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I am so thankful and happy for having this present to you!!!
“Yeah, yeah/Oh, oh, oh”

Thank you divine providence, Luís de Oliveira
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Olá #BeYOUtiful! De forma a aproveitarem ao máximo a leitura deste novo artigo, cliquem no link na primeira frase (do corpo do texto principal) de forma a ouvirem a música que escolhi para acompanhar este vosso momento único de moda, amor e gratidão. ❤
Hoje, o tema é gratidão por mais um ano e por mais uma época festiva que se aproxima – O NATAL!! Quem está feliz como eu??? hehe
De forma a celebrar da melhor forma, nada como pensar no que temos a agradecer e em como podemos dar amor ao próximo. Certo? Assim surgiu este artigo, que inicia a abertura da época de Natal no d’Oliveira fashion. Aproveitei para deixar um presentinho para vocês caso queiram as coisas mais fofas e lindas que a Dresslily tem disponível no seu website: 22% de desconto em todas as compras como código GBJKNO
Eu já fiz as minhas escolhas 🙂 Depois mostro!
Até breve, ❤ Luís de Oliveira
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